For the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, World Sailing has proposed the Offshore Mixed Doubles Event. It will be the longest event in Olympic history and will be covered continuously for 3 days and 2 nights. The adventure and challenges facing the man and woman on each boat becomes the story and creates a connection to the general public facing similar highs and lows in their own lives. As of Dec 7, 2020, the IOC has asked for additional information about the cost of securing the field of play, which will be submitted shortly.


The Offshore Mixed Doubles Event will be the longest and toughest of all Olympic sporting events and will appeal to Olympic rights-holding broadcasters and international media. Offshore Sailing has long been popular in France and the French hope to share their excitement with viewers around the world. Continuous Live broadcasting from onboard cameras, with tracking and analytics directly from each boat, will give global media insight into the race, and the competitors sharing their compelling stories inspiring existing and new fans.


All Member National Authorities are encouraged to participate in the event. Up to 20 nations will race at Paris 2024 and every continent will be represented. Continental qualification events will be held to decide who will sail at Paris 2024.

Short and Long Course


The Event is designed so that whichever team crosses the finish line first wins the gold. Jury decisions will be decided on the water prior to the finish.

Starting and ending in Marseille, the race course along the southern coast of France will be adjusted from 250 to 500 miles to fit the Event’s target time and to make the racing a true test of seamanship and skill.

It has been decided to keep the course close to shore (<30nm) to make it more challenging for the competitors due to wind transitions from day to night. On summer nights there is also typically more wind closer to shore as well. This closeness to shore has the added advantage that it will provide unprecedented tracking and on board media coverage live from the competitors.



The Event will take place in strictly controlled one-design boats. Further information on the Equipment selection process, candidate boats for Paris 2024 and qualifications events is available here and maybe updated from time to time. The Equipment is being further refined at the World Sailing Annual Conferences during the Oceanic and Offshore Committee meeting October 28, 2020 at 1600-1900 UTC. It may also be discussed at the Equipment Committee meeting which is on the same schedule link on Oct 25 and 26 (please see schedule of meetings). At the meetings Submission 30 will be voted on and is provided here in hopes of generating a discussion of the community.

Safety and Security

The French Navy and Mediterranean forces have extensive experience supporting major oceanic sailing races.

Cost of a Campaign

The Offshore Mixed Doubles Event is  the only sailing event that does not specify its equipment upfront. The rationale is to keep costs of campaigns lower by allowing athletes to use any boat to compete anywhere, anytime, in any weather using Offshore Doubles International Ranking System. The team may log solo voyages or sail in events to refine their ranking and gain experience. Boats may be borrowed or chartered. The key to improving is to spend a lot of days and nights offshore and in coastal waters. Less money spent on travel to events. Less money spent on boats and gear.

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