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  • World Sailing Oceanic and Offshore Committee, Recommendation Not Based On Submission Regarding Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore Event for the 2024 Olympics. This clarifies the World Sailing Oceanic and Offshore Committee’s expectation that the Event will take place within a 20 mile x 20 mile box close to Marseille in order to make the event more challenging to the athletes. It also unambiguously shows that NO significant extra cost needs to be budgeted by the broadcasting group given that the event will take place within the range of the cellular data networks. Note that the two final pages of this document are a very good summary of the benefits of the Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore Event.
  • If your National Federation (MNA) or Class wants to support this OOC Recommendation we would be pleased to add your name to the growing list of supporters, just email us at WeBelieve@OffshoreDoubles.org.
  • Tip and Shaft’s Axel Capron wrote an article about how Ser Miang Ng, may succeed in overturning the democratically selected Olympic slate of 64 member nations of World Sailing. Our impression is that Ser Miang’s opposition is the main reason the Event has not yet been  confirmed by the IOC. Ser Miang is an IOC VP who has been criticized for interfering in World Sailing’s democratic processes. He has been an opponent of the Offshore event since the Chelsea/London mid-year meeting of World Sailing.
  • Sail-World just wrote a piece about the Process at World Sailing of providing the IOC with alternatives just in case the IOC rejects the Mixed Offshore Event but World Sailing has provided the IOC with the OOC’s Recommendation and has reconfirmed is firm support for the Mixed Offshore Event as its choice.
  • Nic Douglass from @SailorGirlHQ talks with Stan Honey about the current state of play, break down the IOC’s request, and go over the three options that are on the slate for the Paris 2024 Olympics coming up to the IOC’s decision in early June 2021.
  • Olympic Two-time Gold Medalist, Shirley Robertson wrote an article in Yachting World. She has an extensive training program for the Offshore Doubles Event.
  • North Sails President and Doubles enthusiast Ken Read speaks up with Andrew Hurst, Editor of Seahorse Magazine about how important the Offshore Olympic event is to the growth of sailing.
  • German youth sailor, Lena Weißkichel shares her thoughts on the position of the Mixed Offshore class by exploring what DMKO stands for. Lena explores the new recommendation of reduced field of play and suggests that sailing would “miss a great opportunity” to take Offshore sailing to a receptive audience in France, as well as share a discipline of our sport where all can be competitive, across age groups, gender, and race.
  • Mark Turner, has some strong thoughts about the Mixed Offshore medal event which he discusses in the Yacht Business & Sailing podcast. As a leader and innovator in the sport of sailing, perhaps best known for the Extreme Sailing Series, Mark shows his deep understanding of the balance between the performance side of the sport and the commercial realities. 
  • Offshore Doubles President Larry Rosenfeld talks with Jordan, Bicey and BP, the guys from the Bar Karate podcast talking about where we go from here.
  • Knut Frostad, CEO of Navico and former CEO of the Ocean Race, talks with SEILmagasinet in a video interview about the popularity of Double handed sailing.
  • US National Sailing Hall of Fame and Sports Broadcast Hall of Fame member Stan Honey talks about the reasons to include the Mixed Offshore Event with SEILmagasinet’s Mikkel Thommessen.
  • The IOC say it may cancel the Mixed Offshore event. At the same time they have created the Olympic Virtual Series with Offshore eSailing as one of the five key events because it has proven to be the most engaging of ALL e-games. Virtual Regatta holds the World Record for the largest number of players in a single e-game – in any sport, ever, at 1.1 million players! The IOC’s Agenda 2020+5 puts digital engagement as a top priority, and the Mixed Offshore event is a perfect example of how it can work successfully.
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